Soft Furnishings

Soft furnishings refer to the accessories you choose for the rooms of your home to coordinate your decor. They include such things as cushions, pillows, and throws. In the kitchen, for example, if you have hard wooden chairs, you can make the seats more comfortable by adding padded cushions on the seats to compliment your window dressings. You can even buy matching curtains and seat cushions. There are tabs or ties on the cushions that attaches them to the back of the chair and keeps them in place.

In the living room, you can have throw cushions, also called decorative pillows, on the sofa that add a decorative touch to the room. These should be of a contrasting color so that they stand out from the sofa itself. These pillows also look great in the bedroom. When you make up the bed, you add the cushions to give a greater effect of color when you enter the room. The covering is usually not made of material you can wash, so they are thrown aside at bedtime, hence the name throw pillows. You can also get in them in various shapes and sizes, such as in a heart shape or round in a bolster pillow.

When choosing soft furnishings, you do have to keep certain things in mind. For one thing, you have to coordinate them with the color scheme of your room. You also have to look at the material from which they are made. This is important if you have small children who may have chocolate on their hands and thus mar the covering of a cushion that you cannot remove and wash. In some cases, you can get cushions with zippered covers that you can take off and wash in the washing machine.

Throws are blankets you can have folded on the foot of the bed or hanging over the back of a chair. They serve the purpose of having a blanket handy when you want to lie back and read or watch TV, but you don’t want to get under the covers of the bed.

Soft furnishings, such as these, are not expensive. An ordinary throw cushion will likely cost less than $10, although it may be more expensive if you have one with a more expensive covering, such as silk.