Country Furniture

Country furniture remains a popular choice for many people looking to buy pieces of furniture, to furnish rooms or even their entire home. The kinds of designs on offer here tend to be quite traditional and may also be known as rustic furniture in some cases as their design tends to be classical and more basic than some other styles.

You can buy traditional English country furniture if you like but many people also like to buy pieces that are based on country styles from other countries. Shaker designs, for example, are held to have originated in the USA but remain popular over here as well. French designs and those from Asian countries are often popular with UK consumers.

Country furniture can be found for just about every room in the house. Whilst this kind of furniture is most often associated with the kitchen, you can also find a range of styles suitable for bedrooms, living rooms, studies and offices and even conservatories.

Kitchen country furniture is generally made from traditional materials such as wood. Pine is one of the most popular options used here. A country kitchen design may often be relatively basic rather than ornate and some like to go for a plain and rustic look although more decorated pieces are also available here.

The same kinds of materials and designs tend to be used for country furniture that will be used in other areas of the home. So, you can expect to see pine and lighter types of wood in evidence when you shop for pieces of furniture for other rooms as well. Beds in this style are often popular as are wardrobes, dressers and chests of drawers.

Country furniture is often picked by consumers because of its classic and rustic look but this furniture is also often very practical. Based on traditional designs this style of furniture was meant to be built to last and was often sturdier and more robust than more classic designs that may have been found in the houses of the rich and wealthy and those that lived in towns.

If you are looking to buy country furniture then you can buy pieces ready made if you like or you can buy pieces flat-packed. If you buy ready made pieces then they will be delivered ready to be positioned in your home where you want them to go. If you buy flat packed furniture then you’ll need to build them yourself.